Sunday, November 27, 2011


Perfection happens through movement. It is not possible to perfect something without movement. Everything seems in nature to move to perfect itself. Being in an outdoor place where movement has been free and not restricted for millions of years, perfection is at the highest. Not only we will perfect ourselves while we are in the outdoors through our movements but we will be greatly stimulated by its perfection and be able to perfect both our body and mind. Read more!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


There are over 50B web pages, 8 millions patents (only in the States), and 1 million apps. Our technological diversity has easily surpassed the diversity of 1.7 millions species that nature offers today. Given our quick technological advancement and visibility and availability of many species make the contrast even stronger. The Technological shield is increasingly taking more focus and attention from us. It is like we have built an invisible fence that is hard to escape from. New generations are born with strong attachment to technology and little connection to nature. Yet the quality of our life and the lives of all species depend on them. Read more!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How often we breathe fresh air

While we express our love and excitement to a certain season, how often do we really go out and breath fresh air? My observation is that the majority of people expose themselves to fresh air is the time when they park their cars on the street. I also think the amount of fresh air is even less during working days given the work schedule. Statistics show that 90% of people don't walk any time in a year more than 150m from a paved road. This shows that some people might never had a chance to breath fresh air in their entire life. While we all get bombarded by the benefits of healthy food and drinks in all sorts of media, we never hear anything about healthy air; perhaps we may when someone can sell one. We all know how dependent we are on air more than anything. I am sure that fresh air has significant benefits on us. Read more!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Many kids spend long hours behind screens and few minutes in the outdoors. The confinement in the class, home, and their commuting add to it and they raise this question: How can we have the ambition to develop green cities and students don't relate to nature and care about it? Most schools are located within walking and cycling distance to the students and perhaps to the teachers. However, little effort has been done towards this objective. The new generation have the capacity to repair the damage of the previous generations. Read more!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The biggest pollution that we are facing is in the human mind. Our thoughts are formed and our ability to recognize what is right and evil, from the environment that we live in. As we have been living in cities that have its own ecosystems isolated largely from nature ecosystem, our judgment is impaired. While increasingly people recognize some of the problems that we are facing, it is often characterized by few tangible things such as CO2 and global warming and even worse with some numbers. While it is good to see some of the most urgent issues, we often overreact towards them; oversimplifying the problem and failing to see the big picture. Our attempts to fix issues often create new bigger ones because approach is inherently flawed. We should understand well our limitations. Everything that we make doesn't integrate with nature ecosystem. Our industries are not green as much as we try and meet guidelines. We are just not capable that we can create something truly recyclable that doesn't put pressure on the existing ecosystem, needless to say boost it. This may help to understand the magnitude of what pollution that we have introduced. Our buildings, roads, farms, and anything that we have manufactured are part of the problem. They all have replaced part of the ecosystem and continually consume more. We should always think in terms of ecosystem when we think of pollution. Till we can live closer to nature ecosystem, our mind pollution will get worse and we will continue to self-destruct our lives; incapable to understand the problem. Read more!